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Fast Short Term Loan?

Sometimes you need some fast cash and cannot wait for long application processes, or worry whether or not you will be approved.

So here are the best ways to get short term finances sorted, with a small loan. These are usually types of bad credit loans.


Payday Loans

Short term money to keep you going until your next payday.


Instalment Loans

Similar to payday loans, but evenly spread repayments.

Best Value Loans (Updated 8th August 2018)

Here at Best Loans, we’ve compared the best loan deals available in the UK below:

  • Best online fast loan – PiggyBank, Representative of 1270% APR (see deal).
  • Best personal loan – Admiral up to £5,000, Representative 3.3% APR (see deal).
  • Best guarantor loan – GuarantorMyLoan up to £10,000, Representative 29% APR (see deal).
  • Best interest free – Halifax Credit Card, 30 months at 0% interest (see deal).
  • Best mortgage deal – Coventry Building Society, 7 year fixed (see deal).
  • Best secured loan – Masthaven, up to £35,000 over 120 months (see deal).
  • Best payday loan – PiggyBank, Representative of 1270% APR (see deal).
  • Best instalment loan – Pounds To Pocket, 150% interest per annum fixed on a loan of £700 for 11 months (see deal).
  • Best homeowner loan – Precise Mortgages, £35,000 over 120 months (see deal).
  • Best prepaid card – Ucard, no admin setup fees, no top-up fees, no transaction fees, and only £1 UK ATM fees (see deal).

We compared a selection of loans, ranging from the cheapest, unsecured, lowest interest rates, and large loans, so that you can search for a good loan that meets your needs.

Secured Loans

If you own your own home, then you can get some great loan deals using it as security.

Best Secured Loans

Browse our top picks for secured loan deals online now.

Homeowner Loans

Borrow between £15,000 – £100,000+ with our top 3 homeowner loans.

Debt Guides

Read in-depth advice about managing your finances from the Best Loans team.

Improve Your Credit Score

If you’re struggling to get a loan, or want a better interest rate, then improving your credit rating could help.

Remove Credit Card Debt

Sometimes it’s hard to get a loan if you still have debt, so learn how to get rid of credit card debt.

Single Parent Finance

Having a child and raising it on your own can be very tough, so use this guide to get all of the benefits and money you’re entitled to.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Helping you to take back control of your financial situation through smarter credit.

Banking Guides

Expert roundups of the best way to switch, monitor, and maximise your banking in the United Kingdom system.

Loans for Young People

When you’re young and have no credit history it can be harder to get a loan. We’ve got a guide to help you get the best rate.

Prepaid Cards

Control what you spend, with a flexible and simple top-up prepaid card.

Peer to Peer Loans & Investments

Peer to peer loans are a great option for those looking for a loan and those looking to invest their money at a better interest rate than a savings account.

Interest Free Short Term Loans

If you need some quick cash, but don’t want to be paying lots of money in interest, then here are a selection of short term loans that are effectively free!

Loans Glossary

Get to know the key terms in the loans industry, to learn how to assess a good deal, and compare rates for loans and mortgages.

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How do you choose the best loan deal for your situation?

Whether you are comparing mortgage loans or unsecured loans, there are important key aspects that you need to consider in the process in order to find the best loans for your situation.

Compare the cheapest personal loan deals

Thanks to top online loan comparison tools currently available (i.e. Money Supermarket, and many more) you can now find available comparison options to find the best loans. To help you compare loans easily, we are going to discuss the necessary aspects to consider in this article.

Compare Loan Interest Rates

Start by looking into the interest rates of the loans you are comparing. Comparing interest rates can help you get a good picture on which loan is the best for you. Do keep in mind that you need to look into not only the base interest rate but also the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and net interest rate if you want to truly understand the costs of the loan.

You also need to work out the amount of money you need to allocate on loan repayments. Two loans with the same interest rate and loan term can have different monthly payment amounts, mainly because the calculation method and associated costs for the loans are different. You also need to make sure that the monthly payment amount is well within your budget; you are avoiding future problems this way.

Aside from the payment amount, you may also want to calculate the total amount you repay as well as the total charge for the loan. This will help you see if the loan costs too much. A £10,000 loan of 5 years with 6.6% interest rate means you will be paying a total of £11,714; the total cost of the loan is £1,714, which means the APR is around 14%.

Special Loan Deals – Cheapest Options

Continue by looking into exclusive offers and special bonuses in order to find the best loans. This is the key to finding the best loan. Depending on the online loan search and comparison tools you are using, you may find exclusive offers and discounted rates as well. These special offers can really reduce the costs of taking out a loan substantially, so they are indeed worth looking into. You can also find additional bonuses and rebates when you apply for the loan through one of the best online resource centers available today.

Don’t forget to also compare the lenders. Although the loan deal might be the best on the market, taking out a loan from a shady lender could lead to a series of severe problems along the way. Be sure to deal with only a reliable and reputable lender. You can consult the FSA ( to find out more about registered financial institutions.

Safety First – Check Terms and Conditions

Last but not least, check the terms and conditions attached to the loans you are comparing. It may seem like a complicated task to complete, but you will be able to pick the most beneficial loan that really protects your interest this way. Don’t hesitate to contact the lender or loan broker directly if you find points in the terms and conditions that you don’t understand.

Now that you know the necessary aspects to compare when looking into loans, you can find the best one to take out without a problem.

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